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II International Congress for Young Egyptologists

"Erotic, Erotism and Sexuality in Ancient Egypt"

Ponentes, entre otros: Prof. Eric Hornung, Lisa Manniche, Josep Padró and Ian Shaw.
Fecha: 23 a 25 de octubre de 2006
Lugar: Museo de la Farmacia. Lisboa-Portugal

Fecha límite para envío de abstracts: 30 de Marzo de 2006
Más información:




The International Conference on heritage of Naqada and Qus region

Egypt, January 22-28, 2007
The international Council Of Museum - Conservation Committee - Wood, Furniture and Lacquer (ICOM-CC-Wood, Furniture and Lacquer) Will organize the " The International Conference on heritage of Naqada and
Qus region" in the period January 22-28, 2007, to take place in Egypt.

              The objectives

  1- To increase and affluence the amount of cultural general knowledge of Naqada and Qus region and to increase and activate the concern with such important region and with such important subject and its concepts among the public.
  2- To present an overview and to conclude the current state of discoveries, conservation and restoration research, practice, problems and the progress in conservation and in the related fields in the region.

  3- To create a common understanding of the profession among those who are involved in the practical work around Naqada and Qus region and the different items of the subject and in the related fields around the world.
  4-To create a dialogue among the local and international professionals, such as Egyptologists, Copticists, archaeologists, curators, art historians, conservators, legislators and architects with the exploration and design of different strategies and methods around the subject.
  5- To agree proposals for defining standards for the study, research and development in the different items of the subject for Naqada and Qus region and for the related fields around the world.
  6- Honoring of some names between those who contributed in the discoveries, registration, publication, restoration and conservation and the development works in the region.
  7- to achieve an active involvement of the public in the integral process of Cultural Heritage and its preservation, to achieve the understanding, acceptance and thus the support of the public in the activities it generates and to encourage the public to support and participate in the preservation of their own Heritage.

              The main theme


  With the following General themes:
  1- Geography and history of Naqada and Qus region.
  2- Heritege of Naqada and Qus region, its antiquities, arts and industries.
  3- Treatment, Restoration, Preservation, Conservation, Storage and Displaying issues.
  4- Intangible and oral issues & Legal and ethical issues.
  5- Development issues.
  6- Comparative studies with similar regions, areas, sites, monuments, cases from Egypt and from around the world in the conference themes and items.
  7- Other Additional open subjects
  The competition for the Conference has been exceptional and you may be interested to know that several abstracts were submitted. We have selected the best ones to call as papers.
  There is an impressive group of international authors and the conference proves to be most exciting.
We plan for the conference events to be fascinating and to have a valuable and beautiful volume.
  The language of the conference will be English and Arabic.

              The Conference Venue

  The Preliminary suggested venue for the conference: The Centre of the Archangel Michael Monastery in Naqada, located approximately 25 kilometres north of Luxor, Egypt.

  Naqada is situated on the west bank of the Nile north of Luxor, and stood opposite the entrance to the Wadi Hammamat providing direct access to the Red Sea coast and the gold reserves of the eastern desert. Thus Naqada was a prime centre of Predynastic gold trade in the Theben region. The importance  of archaeological finds in Naqada has resulted in its name lending itself to the pre-pharaonic periods between 3800-3100 BC, and is called Naqada I, II  and III.  The large quantity of finds from Naqada has enabled the dating of the entire culture, throughout Egypt and environs. Naqada maintained its  importance throughout the pharaonic period and into the late antiquity period, during which it became inhabited by famous anchorites such as Elias of Mount  Bishwaw and Samuel of Mount Banhadab. On the other side of the Nile from Naqada is Qus. It too was  important as an entrance to the Wadi Hammamat. During medieval times Qus became the primary commercial centre of trade with Africa, and hence was a town of prime importance in Egypt during this period. Today, Qus is the site of a major US/German commercial project to convert the waste products of sugar cane refining into paper products.


  We hope to have most of the participants most of the time together in one place for the large amount of communications and community so that a good packet of full hotel accommodation is prepared at The Conference Venue. Beside the activities being arranged for the conference some other services are being organized such as:
  1- A full two-ways transfer from and to Cairo airport and the conference venue with rate build on group's transfer.
  2- A gala Dinner.
  3- A post-conference tour (date to be publisher later on), 4 days 3 nights tour to the monasteries and archaeological areas in Upper Egypt.

              Who Can Participate?

  The organizer seeks to widen participation at this conference, and would like to encourage colleagues from all parts of the world to attend.

  All professionals committed to the world's museums collections' monuments, historical sites and culture property such as curators, archaeologists, Egyptologists, Copticists, art historians, Iconographers, conservators, scientists, technicians, architects, engineers, lawyers, legislators and other professionals who are work or interested in the field and in the subject, those who actively promote the preservation of culturally  and historically significant works through study, analysis, collaboration can participate. Again the public and  individuals interested can participate.

  The priority of registration will go to the papers' authors and co-authors (this required to register by the early bird deadline-October 30, 2006), Again it is so recommended that those who are interested in attending the conference other then authors and co-authors to take the advantage of the early registration. The registration and reservations will be accepted on a first come basis.

  The registrars who will not be able to attend will receive the conference
package which will be sent to them.

              Important dates & General Notes

  - Deadline for receipt of the papers abstracts proposals was: July 1, 2006.
  - Authors received a response of acceptance and a full copy of instruction to authors by July 15, 2006.
  - Deadline for receipt of the full papers was: October 1, 2006.

  - The final program for the conference is under construction, but we would like to let you know that in addition to the academic sessions of the conference, there could be at least extra two day for the transfer from Cairo to Naqada, registration, official opining before starting our academic sessions and another one day for the field visit in the end of the conference.
     SO, It is very recommended that you set your budget and reservations for 7 days (22-28 January), and to book the hotel/accommodation together with your registration, so that you guarantee your place.

Xth International Congress of Egyptologists
- X Congreso Internacional de Egiptólogos -

Start Date: May 22, 2008
End Date: May 29, 2008
Call for Papers: Yes

Rodos Palace Hotel & Convention Center. Rhodes, Greece

In accordance with the decision of the General Assembly of the International Association of Egyptologists during its session in Grenoble, on 10 September 2004, Egyptologists from all countries are cordially invited to take part in the Xth International Congress of Egyptologists, which will be held at Rodos Palace Hotel & Convention Center ( in the island of Rhodes, Greece, from 22 to 29 May 2008.

Disciplines & Themes
The work of the Congress will be organized on a series of major themes within Egyptology, with a particular focus on multi-disciplinary approaches to general themes. Participants will be asked to orient their contributions towards one of the major themes, whatever the nature of the evidence and source material they are working with. The list of major themes for the Congress is yet to be decided but suggestions have included the following topics:

Cultural Heritage
Egypt - Greece in Antiquity: ethnicity, cross-cultural interactions and adaptations
Archaeology and History of Art
The Egyptian belief-system: knowledge, sacred and profane
Literature and Philology
The Archaic state and the origins of culture
Foreign Relations and Diplomacy

The list is not exclusive. The named themes are merely intended to provide a focus of discussion. Suggestions and comments from potential participants about themes to which they would like to contribute will be most welcome. Papers will be assigned to individual sessions within the wider themes on the basis of abstracts  submitted and it is intended, so far as is possible, to associate multi-disciplinary approaches to  selected issues. Papers that do not fit this thematic approach will be grouped together under the major disciplines  headings of archaeology, art, religion and language. Appropriate slots in the timetable will also  be made available for communications giving news of work in progress in  all fields of Egyptology. In addition to the papers read, special forums  for work-groups will be considered and facilities will be provided for poster  sessions and visual displays. Participants should provide the Organising Committee with details of display area  required and format of displays at the earliest possible date. The emphasis will be on the widest academic participation and the highest academic quality that can be achieved for the Congress, within  the context of an open forum for all branches of Egyptology and access for juniors as well as senior scholars. In conformance with modern  trends in academic conferences, the Organising Committee proposes to administer a refereed Congress. Acceptance on the programme is on the basis of peer review of the abstracts submitted. The eventual publication of papers will also be subject to referee.

Academic Committee (in alphabetical order)
John Baines (Oxford), Christopher J. Eyre (Liverpool), Nicholas Grimal (Paris), Zahi Hawass (Cairo), Yvan Koenig (Paris), Alan B. Lloyd (Swansea), Ludwig Morenz (Leipzig), Joachim Friedrich Quack (Heidelberg), Robert K. Ritner (Chicago), Alessandro Roccati (Rome), Pascal Vernus (Paris).

Abstract Guidelines
Registration and abstracts must be submitted electronically in .doc format (see the congress web site for more information). Abstracts should be between 500 and 800 words in length with single line and normal character spacing and in 12pt Times New Roman (10pt for references) fonts. Each abstract should contain the following information: Title, Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), Postal and email address of the author(s). The deadline for the submission of  abstracts will be 1 September 2007 to allow for printing and distribution to participants in advance of the Congress.

Provisional Programme
Thursday 22 May: Arrival of participants.
Friday 23 May - Wednesday 28 May: Working sessions.
Thursday 29 May: Closing session. General Assembly of the International
Association of Egyptologists.

Important Dates
September 2006: first announcement
1 July 2007: deadline for the pre-registration
July 2007: second announcement
1 September 2007: deadline for the submission of abstracts
1 January 2008: deadline for the late registration
February 2008: final announcement with complete programme and participants list

Congress website:  (active from October 2006)
Email: (active from October 2006)

Contact Info:
Panagiotis Kousoulis



III Congreso Ibérico de Egiptología

(bajo los auspicios de la International Association of Egyptologists)

Fecha: 11 a 14 de septiembre de 2006
Lugar: Universidad de La Laguna. Tenerife-España


"Twenty things we didn't know about Sais a year ago"
by Penny Wilson
date: June 23, 2006; 18.30
place: Lecture theatre G6, Institute of Archaeology, 30 Gordon Sq, London WC1.
costs: all welcome


"Sunken World of the Nile: The Trade, Topography and Material Culture of Egypt’s North-West Delta: 8th Century BC to 8th Century AD"
- Simposium con motivo de la exposición en Berlín titulada "Egypt's Sunken Treasures" -
To coincide with the exhibition, Oxford University’s Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology will be conducting this year’s scientific symposium in Berlin.
The topic for this international symposium from 28 to 30 July 2006 will be "The Trade, Topography and Material Culture of Egypt’s North-West Delta: 8th Century BC to 8th Century AD". Since the mid-1990s Franck Goddio has been a regular visitor to the region, conducting undersea expeditions
-- Date: 28 - 30 July 2006
-- Venue:
Niederkirchnerstraße 7
10963 Berlin
-- Information about the symposium and registration:
Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology at Oxford University 
-- Contact: Jonathan Cole
-- Más información sobre el Simposium y la exposición puede encontrarse en la web de la exposición: 
y en la web del propio Frank Goddio: 
Fuente: Frank Goddio Society


Actividades Egiptología en el British Museum. Meses mayo y junio de 2006
-- Sexuality in the Ancient World
The Warren Cup: sex and society
Friday 12 May, 18.30
The Warren Cup has long suffered from obscurity as a result of its explicit scenes of homosexual lovemaking. Dyfri Williams, British Museum, looks at the ancient context of the cup.
-- The first gay kiss?. Same-sex desire in Ancient Egypt

Thursday 18 May, 18.30

Richard Parkinson, British Museum, considers in what ways the ancients are both similar and/or different to us.
-- Más información sobre otras actividades relacionadas: 
-- To book tickets for events:
- Please call the Box Office on +44 (0)20
7323 8181 or email. Where tickets are required, we suggest booking early to avoid disappointment.


Coloquios y Seminarios Internacionales de Egiptología
Université Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille 3. Año 2006
-- "La céramique nubienne"
Responsable: B. Gratien
Fecha: 2 de junio de 2006
-- "Elites et Pouvoir en Egypte Ancienne"
Responsable: Juan Carlos Moreno García.
Fechas: 7 y 8 de julio 2006
Université Charles-de-Gaulle, Lille 3
Salle des Colloques
Domaine universitaire du « Pont de Bois » Villeneuve d’Ascq
-- Programas e inscripciones: 
-- Otras Jornadas de Estudios: 


CENTRO ITALIANO STUDI EGITTOLOGICI: Conferencias del CISE para este año:
-- Guillaume Bouvier
Venerdì 21 Aprile, ore 18:00 - Biblioteca Comunale, Via Emilia 80, Imola
-- Renée Friedman
Venerdì 12 Maggio, ore 18:00 - Biblioteca Comunale, Via Emilia 80, Imola
-- Sergio Pernigotti
Giovedì 18 Maggio, ore 18:00 - Biblioteca Comunale, Via Emilia 80, Imola
-- Aidan Dodson

Venerdì 15 Settembre, ore 18.00 - Sala delle Stagioni, Via Emilia 25, Imola
-- Miroslav Verner
Venerdì 29 Settembre, ore 18.00 - Sala delle Stagioni, Via Emilia 25, Imola
-- Miroslav Verner
Lunedì 2 Ottobre, ore 18.00 - Sala delle Stagioni, Via Emilia 25, Imola


The 7th Current Research in Egyptology Conference for Graduate Students (CREVII)

University of Oxford
date: April 6-8, 2006
Info: registration required before March 30

PDF forms available with this E-mail

Egyptian Embassy, London, Education &amp

Culture Bureau. 4 Chesterfield Gardens, London W1.
Tel: 020 7491 7720; E-mail
* Regular free lectures (open to all):
-- "Ancient Egyptian Housing" by Peter Phillips
date: March 2, 2006; 18.45
--  "Pyramid Building" by Colin Reader
date: March 9, 2006; 18.45
-- "Fourth Season of Excavation at Kom Firin" by Dr Neal Spencer
date: March 16, 2006; 18.45
-- "Hunting in Egypt" by Michael Rice
date: March 23, 2006; 18.45
-- "New Egyptian Galleries at the Fitzwilliam Museum"
      by Helen Strudwick
date: March 30, 2006; 18.45


Egypt exploration Society in Cairo
** Regular lectures:
- Salvation of Karnak & Luxor Temples Project: Progress report

by  Mr. Edwin Brock
date: February 6, 2006; 7 pm
- Marine Archaeology: Recent underwater explorations in Egypt

by Prof. Dr. G. A. Gaballa
date: February 13, 2006; 7 pm
- For both lectures is valid:
place: Auditorium of the British Council, Cairo
costs: free and open to all
info: E-mail
** Seminar: Ancient Egyptian Science and Technology
by Dr. Jocelyn Gohary
date: Saturday, February 11, 2006; 4 to 7 pm.
place:  the EES office, British Council
costs: members  250 LE,  non-members  300 LE
info: E-mail


Le règne de Sésostris III et la fin de la XIIème dynastie
Pierre Tallet
date: March 7, 2006; 18h15 for a 18h45 start
place: Maison des Associations, 1A place des Orphelins, Strasbourg
costs: members EUR 2, non-members EUR 6 (students EUR 3)
info: tel. 03 88 30 14 60; E-mail

Study Day: Thebes in Egypt
Organised and chaired by Suzanne Bojtos. Speakers:
George Hart, Geoffrey Martin, Charlotte Booth, and Carol Andrews.
date: Saturday, March 11, 2006; 10.00am-5.00pm
place: Birkbeck College, University of London. Lecture Room B35, Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London WC1
costs: GBP 30; advanced reservations required (#)
info: booking at 020 7631 6627


Egyptian Embassy, London, Education & Culture Bureau
4 Chesterfield Gardens, London W1.
tel: 020 7491 7720; email
Regular free lectures (open to all):
- "An ancient Egyptian history for the museum" by Dr Stephen Quirke
date: February 2, 2006; 18.45
- "The cult of Amon from Karnak to Tanis" by George Hart
date: February 9, 2006; 18.45
- "Ancient Egyptian mummies & modern medicine" by Prof. Rosalie David
date: February 16, 2006; 18.45
- "The Nile Delta: Egypt's other land" by Geoffrey Tassie
date: February 23, 2006; 18.45


Friends of the Petrie Museum
** Pets or powers? Animals in ancient Egypt

by Carol Andrews
date: Friday, January 27, 2006; 18.30
place: Gustave Tuck lecture theatre, UCL.
costs: all welcome
info: E-mail

** The Egypt Exploration Society Delta Survey 2005 (Minufiyeh)
by Joanne Rowland
date: Friday, February 10, 2006; 18.30
place: Lecture theatre 2, Cruciform Building UCL, Gower St.
costs: all welcome.
info: E-mail

Aperte le iscrizioni al X Convegno Nazionale di Egittologia e Papirologia

In considerazione dei posti limitati, invitiamo quanti siano interessati a prender parte ai lavori e ad esporre una relazione a segnalare la propria partecipazione. A tal fine è stata predisposta una scheda di iscrizione da inviare per posta cartacea o elettronica entro e non oltre il 31/12/2005 alla Segreteria dell'Istituto Italiano per la Civiltà Egizia ( Via Massena, 52/A 10128 Torino - ).

A gennaio verrà inviato un programma dettagliato a coloro che si saranno iscritti.


"L'Égypte pré- et protodynastiques. Les origines de l'Etat"
Fecha: Del 5 al 8 de Septiembre de 2005
Más información y programa en PDF: 


Life and devotion in New Kingdom Asyut
Ponente.- Terence du Quesne
Fecha.- Tuesday, October 18, 2005; 18:45
Lugar.- Lecture Room 1, Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol, 43
Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol
Precio entrada.- non-members GBP1.00
info: tel. 0117-942 1957;
Ancient Egyptian Mummies: A Resource for Studying Disease
Ponente.- Prof. Rosalie David
Fecha.- Wednesday, October 5, 2005; 7:30 pm
Lugar.- St Leonards Sports and Social Club, St Leonards Avenue, Stafford.
Precio entrada.- members GBP1.50, non-members GBP3.50
Les tombes de Djehouty et Hery, deux hauts dignitaires du début de la 18e
dynastie à Dra Abou el-Naga (Thèbes/Louxor)

Ponente.- José M. Galan
Fecha.- September 26, 2005; 12:30h
Lugar.- Auditorium of the Louvre


Neolithic and Prehistoric Sais: Recent work

by Dr. P. Willson (Director of the EES work at Sais)
Fecha: August 29, 2005; 7 pm
Lugar: British Council Lecture Theatre, Cairo
Entrada libre
Más información:

International Meeting of Egyptology and Papyrology: "New Archaeological and Papyrological Researches on the Fayyum"

Lecce, 8th-10th June 2005
08 giugno 2005 - 10 giugno 2005
Università degli Studi di Lecce
Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e di Scienze Filosofiche
The Archaeological Mission of Lecce University in Egypt
Sotto l'Alto Patronato del Presidente della Repubblica Carlo Azeglio Ciampi


The fifty-sixth annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt will be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. 
Hyatt Regency Cambridge 
Overlooking Boston 
575 Memorial Drive 
Cambridge , MA 02139 
Phone: (617) 492-1234 or (800) 233-1234
Fax: (617) 491-6906 
Cambridge Hyatt Website 
The ARCE annual meeting will begin on Friday, 22 April, and conclude on Sunday, 24 April 2005. 


Tebe fra Amon ed Aton
A. Bongioanni
Fecha: Friday, March 18, 2006; 20:00 h
Lugar: Centro Italiano Studi Egittologici. Sala delle Stagioni, Via Emilia
25, Imola (Bologna),
Más Información: teléfono 0542 22331

Viaggiando in poltrona - Il tempio egizio, i piu' spettacolari esemplari
Prof. Silvio Curto
Fecha: Friday, March 4, 2005; 18:00 (6 pm)
Lugar: Aula Magna "Giovanni Agnelli", Politecnico, Corso
Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Turin
Entrada libre
Más Información: teléfono: +39-347-9445090

The London Diary for the Ancient Near East
No 30 January - April 2005

Compiled and circulated by the London Centre for the Ancient Near East
The compilers of the Diary and officers of the London Centre and 
BANEA cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information 
supplied in this Diary. The events listed may be subject to changes 
or cancellation

6-8 Jan Current Research in Egyptology VI
Gonville and Caius College, University of CAMBRIDGE. Registration for 
CRE 2005 costs £10 for students, £15 non-student and £8 for speakers. 
Thurs 6 Jan
13.15 George Hart The era of King Piye, conqueror of Egypt

British Museum free gallery talk, meet Room 5.

Thurs 13 Jan
18.45 David Jeffreys Archive sources for the study of Memphis
and their value
Egyptian Education and Culture Bureau, 4 Chesterfield Gardens W1. All welcome
Sat 15 Jan
13.15 George Hart The rise of dynastic Egypt

British Museum free gallery talk, meet Room 64. 

Thurs 20 Jan
18.45 Rosalind Janssen  Old age in Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Education and Culture Bureau, 4 Chesterfield Gardens W1. All welcome

Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology 2005
Papers (in English, by graduate students and young scholars) dealing with any Mediterranean area or period are invited before. Especially papers on N. Africa are welcome.
Date: November 11, 2004.
Place: Chieti University. Soma. Italy.
More Info:


Abusir: Secrets of the Desert and the Pyramids
date: November 25, 2004 - March 6, 2005 (closed on Mondays). The exhibition illustrates the German and Czech excavations in Abusir. Organised by the Naprstek Museum in co-operation with the Czech National Centre for Egyptology from the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University.
More info:


4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG. Egyptian Embassy, Education and
Culture Bureau lectures. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020
7408 1335, email
All start at 18.45, free admission with refreshments
Nov 18th
Eric Uphill: How the Universe began & what will be its end - the Egyptian
Nov 25th
Terence Du Quesne: Spirituality and Eroticism in ancient Egypt
Dec 2nd
Cornelia Roemer: Education in Roman Egypt
Dec 9th
George Hart: Art and Propaganda in ancient Egypt


V World Congress on Mummies Studies

- V Congreso Mundial sobre el Estudio de Momias -

Turin, del 2 al 5 de septiembre de 2004


IXe Congrès international des Égyptologues
(IX Congreso Internacional de Egiptólogos)

Fecha: Del 6 al 12 de septiembre de 2004
Lugar: Grenoble, Francia.

Más información:

"Le prochain congrès international des égyptologues aura lieu à Rhodes"

- El próximo X Congreso Internacional de Egiptólogos será en la Isla de Rodas" -
"Grenoble salue l'Égypte ancienne"




The Re-discovery of Ancient Egypt: The Pioneering Years
Dr Aidan Dodson, John Ruffle, Dr John Taylor, and Dr Patricia Usick.
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2004; 9.45am - 4.45pm
Place: School of Chemistry, Theatre 2, University of Bristol, Cantocks Close, Bristol 8
Fee: GBP25 for the full day and GBP15 for half a day.
More Info: booking forms with 

Egypt Exploration Society in Cairo

The cemetery F : Abu Rawash, Royal Necropolis of Radjedef (IVth Dynasty)

by Dr. Michel Baud (Associate researcher at the Collège de France & Director of the Abu Rawash necropolis project)
date: April 19, 2004; 7pm

The Coptic Church at Kom El-Nana: Amarna's other wallpaintings
by Dr. Gillian Pyke (Ph.D Egyptologist with 10 years experience in Coptice wall plaster and Potery)
Date: April 22, 2004; 7pm

John Cassian to the Crusades: Recent fieldwork at Tell Tinnis
by Dr. Alison Gascoigne (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University)
Date: April 26, 2004; 7pm

Place: British Council Lecture Theatre. Vairo
Costs: open to all
More Info: 

* The London Diary for the Ancient Near East.- Nº 28 May - September 2004

20-21 April
Conference The Levant in Transition - the Intermediate Early Bronze Age
Speakers: Daniele Morandi Bonacossi, Rupert Chapman, Karen Covello Paran, Claude Doumet, Steve Falconer, Ram Gophna, Moti Haiman, Moshe Kokhavi, Jesse Long, Minna Lonnqvist, Graham Philip, Frances Pinnock, Kay Prag, Suzanne Richard, R. Thomas Schaub, Jean-Paul Thalmann and Jonathan Tubb. Tickets £40; concessions: £25; British Museum Friends: £20.
Sat 8 May
10.00-17.00 Study Day Excavating Abydos
Bloomsbury Theatre, UCL, WC1. Bloomsbury Academy event. Speakers David O'Connor, Stephen Quirke, Mark Collier, Elizabeth Frood. Tickets £32 from Bloomsbury Box Office, 15 Gordon St WC1H 0AH. Tel: 7388 8822.

Weds 12 May
11.00 Colloquium Sudan Archaeological Research Society: recent archaeological fieldwork in the Sudan.

Speakers include Derek Welsby, Dorian Fuller and Pawel Wolf plus guest speaker Matthieu Honegger The origins and demise of the Neolithic in the Kerma region Stevenson lecture theatre, British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Entry is by ticket only, SARS £10, BMF £12.50, others £15, available from the Honorary Secretary SARS, Dept Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum WC1B 3DG. Tel 020 7323 8500/8306; fax 020 7323 8303,

Thurs13 May
18.45 Rosalind Janssen Ancient Egyptian fashion
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG. Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email 


Fri 14 May
18.30 Tim Schadla-Hall Images of ancient Egypt - the multipurpose backdrop of familiarity
Rm G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1. Friends of the Petrie Museum lecture. Non-members welcome. Contact voicemail 020 7679 2369, e-mail: 


Sat 15 May
Day School Paul Nicholson & Ian Shaw Ancient Egyptian technology
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG. Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email 


Sat 29 May
11.15 Lorna Oakes The Amarna letters
British Museum WC1. Gallery talk, meet Room 56. All welcome
Thurs 3 June
18.45 Jac Janssen A glimpse of life from Deir el Medinah
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG. Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email  

Thurs 10 June
18.45 Ian Shaw New discoveries in the Chephren quarries: rescue work in Tushka Wadi
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG. Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email 

Weds 16 June
11.15 George Hart Art and hieroglyphs in the Egyptian funerary cult
British Museum WC1. Gallery talk, meet Room 4. All welcome
Fri 25 June
18.00 Cathie Bryan Heavenly bodies: the Egyptian in French 19th century art
Rm G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1. Friends of the Petrie Museum lecture follows AGM, followed by the Summer Party, (party - ticket only). Contact voicemail 020 7679 2369,  


Sat 26 June
10.00 Study Day Daughters of the god: the queens of ancient Egypt
Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh St WC1. EES Study day. Speakers include Helen Whitehouse, Alan Lloyd, Robert Morkot, John Baines, Sally-Ann Ashton, Tickets £20. Contact 020 7242 1880, 

Weds 14 July
18.00 Dorothea Arnold Image and identity: what did the Hyksos look like?
Lecture theatre, British Museum WC1. Raymond & Beverley Sackler Foundation lecture. Tickets £15 include reception (or £60 as part of colloquium ticket). See colloquium for details 14-16 July Colloquium The Second Intermediate Period: current research, future prospects Lecture theatre, British Museum WC1. Tickets £50 (or £60 to include Sackler lecture) available after June 1. Write to: Alison Cameron, Dept. of AES (enclose S.A.E.) The British Museum, Great Russell St., London WC1B 3DG or phone 020 7323 8312/ fax 020 7323 8303 or email For more information and application forms see
For confirmation of lecture details contact the respective organisations. For subscription information contact Dr Alexandra Irving (Hon. Sec. BANEA) Dept. Ancient Near East, British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, e-mail < > The London Centre is online at http:// 


International Conference
Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt. Origin of the State

Toulouse, 5-8 September 2005

Following the Cracow conference (September 2002) on the origins of the Pharaonic State, it was decided that the second international conference on this subject would take place in France. We are very honored to announce that it will be held in Toulouse from 5th to 8th September 2005.
The conference is opened to all the contributions concerning the prehistory and the protohistory of Egypt :
- Field Archaeology
- Anthropology and funerary customs
- Material culture (pottery, lithic technology, bone technology.)
- Foreign relations and trade
- Archaeology of the Delta
- Archaeology of the deserts
- Environment
- Ethnoarchaeology
- Iconography
- Paleography and birth of the writing
- Researches in the museums
A Scientific Committee composed of personalities of the Egyptological research is charged to examine the projects of communication (oral interventions of 25 minutes in French or English, projector of slides, overhead projector and video projector). The abstracts (1 layer and 4000 signs maximum under Word format) should be send to the Organization Committee by email ( or by post at Centre d'anthropologie, UMR 8555 du CNRS, 39 allées Jules Guesde, F-31000 Toulouse. The authors of the communications selected will be informed by the organizer. The abstracts should be submitted before March 30, 2005.

Postal Address
Centre d'Anthropologie
UMR 8555 du CNRS, Université Paul Sabatier
39 Allées Jules Guesde
31000 Toulouse (France)


Third Conference of Young Egyptologists.

The meeting, held from the 12th to the 14th of May 2004 in Warsaw, will be divided into 5 sections: Archaic Period and Old Kingdom Studies; New Kingdom Studies; Language and Literature; Nubian Studies and Varia.
Warsaw University, Institute of Archaeology
Department of Egyptian Archaeology

Archaeology at the University of Liverpool
A celebration of 100 years work
New conference date: 3-4 July 2004
Egypt's making: the origins of Egyptian civilization updated
Michael Rice
Thurs 12 Feb 18.45
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.
Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau lecture.
Further details:
tel 020 7491 7720;
fax 020 7408 1335
Ancient Egyptian pottery technology
Paul Nicholson
Thurs 19 Feb 18.45
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.
Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau lecture.
Further details:
tel 020 7491 7720;
fax 020 7408 1335
Petrie's 'mere scraps of wood': votive practices in Early New Kingdom Thebes
Paul Whelan
Fri 5 March 18.30
Room G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1.
Friends of the Petrie Museum lecture. Non-members welcome.
Contact voicemail 020 7679 2369
Egyptian art across the ages
John Tait & Okasha El Daly
Sat 27 March
Day School   4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.
Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture Bureau.
Further details:
tel 020 7491 7720
fax 020 7408 1335

Programma sociale 2003-04 dell'A.L.A.

Amici del Museo, in collaborazione con le Civiche Raccolte Archeologiche di Milano

Information on the Amarna Research Conference, University of Arizona, Tucson is available at :
This meeting will be held on April 15th, the day before the ARCE meetings begins.

The First Annual International ECHO Conference on: Egyptian Cultural Heritage Management
At the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Education and Culture Bureau located at: 4, Chesterfield Gardens, Mayfair, London W1Y 8BR, UK,
over the period: 20th-21st March 2004.
ECHO Conference Organisers
14 Vincent Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey KT1 3HJ, UK

Conferencias sobre el Templo de Amenophis III

19.00 Hoy comienza el ciclo de conferencias, organizado por la Asociación Andaluza de Egiptología, sobre El templo de Amenophis III en Tebas, con la intervención de la Dra. Hourig Sourouzian, directora de la misión euro-egipcia de los Colosos de Memnón y templo de Amenophis III, que disertará sobre el Reciente descubrimiento de estatuas colosales en el 2º pilono. Excavación y conservación. Paraninfo de la Universidad de Sevilla. Días 10, 12 y 13.




Primera conferencia:

El templo de Amenophis III en Tebas: Reciente descubrimiento de estatuas colosales en el 2º pilón. Excavación y conservación  

prof. Dra. Hourig Sourouzian

Directora de la misión euro-egipcia de los colosos de Memnon y templo de Amenophis III en Tebas

Lunes día 10 de noviembre de 2003 (19:00 horas). Lugar: Paraninfo de la Universidad de Sevilla.


Segunda conferencia:
Los Colosos de Memnon en Tebas : Historia y Restauración


Instituto Arqueológico Alemán de El Cairo

Miércoles día 12 de noviembre de 2003 (19:00 horas). Lugar: Paraninfo de la Universidad de Sevilla.


Tercera conferencia:

Resultados de las campañas arqueológicas en el peristilo del templo de Amenophis III en Tebas


Instituto Arqueológico Alemán de El Cairo

Jueves día 13 de noviembre de 2003 (19:00 horas). Lugar: Paraninfo de la Universidad de Sevilla.


Ver Resúmenes en: 


The 24th International Congress of Papyrology

Will be held in Helsinki, Finland, from August 1st to August 7th, 2004. The Second Circular including guidelines for presentations and an on-line registration form  is now available in the internet at:

The city of the savannah - excavations at Naga
Tues 7 Oct. 18.00
Dietrich Wildung
Stevenson lecture theatre. British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Sudan
Archaeological Research Society 4th Kirwan Memorial Lecture. Tickets £15
/ SARS £10/BMF £12.50 from SARS Dept Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British
Museum WC1B 3DG. Tel 020 7323 8500/8306; fax 020 7323 8303,
Sat 25 Oct      11.15 George Hart Dynasties of Egypt: rise of the New

         British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Gallery talk, meet Rm 4.
Sat 25 Oct      13.15 George Hart Dynasties of Egypt: Akhenaten to

         British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Gallery talk, meet Rm 4.
Sat 25 Oct      14.00 Study Day Warlords of ancient Egypt
         Main Lecture Theatre, Cruciform Building, UCL WC1. Bloomsbury
Academy. Tickets £15. Ticket Office, UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon
St WC1. Tel: 020 7388 8822
Thurs 20 Nov    17.30 Zahi Hawass Secrets from the sand: my search for
Egypt's past

         UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, Gordon St, WC1. Bloomsbury Academy
lecture and video screening followed by book-signing. Ticket £10 from
Ticket Office, UCL Bloomsbury Theatre, Gordon St WC1H 0AH. Tel: 020 7388
Thurs 4 Dec     18.45 Eric Uphill The ancient Egyptian Delta canals
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.  Egyptian Embassy, Education and Culture
Bureau lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335,
Sat 6 Dec       Ken Kitchen Ramesses III - towards a true history?
Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh St WC1. EES AGM and lecture, details to
be confirmed. Contact 020 7242 1880,

Mon 8 Dec       16.00  David Jeffreys  Was ancient Egypt a 'civilisation
without cities'?

         Room 612, Institute of Archaeology, UCL. Tales of the City,
Current Research on Urbanism and Urbanisation, UCL research seminar, all
welcome. Enquiries to Todd Whitelaw:

Tues 16 Dec     18.30  Peter Clayton  'Here am I'. Shabtis - servants
for the afterworld

Rm G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1. Friends of the
Petrie Museum Christmas lecture. Non-members welcome. Contact voicemail
020 7679 2369, e-mail:

Wed 17 Dec      17.00  Udo Scholtzhauer & Sabine Weber  Naukratis and
beyond: pottery as evidence for Greek contact with Egypt in the 7th and
6th centuries

         Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House WC1. ICLS seminar.


International Workshop of Cultural Heritage Project:
Risk Map for Saqqara Site (Environmental Program)

Fecha: 11 y 12 de octubre de 2003
Lugar: El Cairo
Más información:
Programa y formulario de registro:


Temples of Ancient Egypt: Homes for the Gods.
A Symposium presented by The Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities in association with The Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, Canada
 The largest temples ever constructed were built for the gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Karnak, Luxor, Edfu, Philae and Dendera still draw crowds of tourists and pilgrims, long after the last rituals were performed. What went on in Ancient Egyptian temples? Why did the Egyptians spend so much time and energy on these buildings? Who were the priests and priestesses who served in them? And what of the ordinary people? What was the relationship of the man and woman in the street to the gods in their golden shrines? Come and hear the latest news about some of the oldest buildings in the world. On SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8TH, 2003, confirmed speakers Prof. David O'Connor of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Emily Teeter of the University of Chicago, Prof. Gene Cruz-Uribe of Northern Arizona University, Alwyn Burridge of the University of Toronto, Edwin Brock of the KV5 Project/AUC and Prof. Carolyn Routledge of Stockton College will delight and enlighten.  The 29th Annual SSEA Symposium is once again being held in association with the ROM, with special rates for SSEA and ROM members: ROM and SSEA members, seniors $85 (online registration rate: $80); Students $50 (online = $45); General public $95 (online = $90).  For online registration, visit,  and click on ROMLife.   The Symposium will take place on Saturday, November 8, in Rm. 1050, 5 Bancroft Ave. on the University of Toronto downtown campus, from 9am to  5pm.  Please note that no papers are being solicited or this event.  Contact for further information or visit [after Sept. 15th] for updates.
In addition to the Symposium a Scholars´Colloquium will be held on NOVEMBER 7TH, 2003 in Rm. 149 of 5 Bancroft Ave., Toronto, Canada.  International senior scholars and advanced graduate students will present 20-minute papers on a variety of topics relating to ancient Egypt.  Confirmed speakers so far include scholars  from Canada, Uruguay, Egypt and the United States.

Admission is free and open to all. E-mail for further information
15/16 Sept International workshop - Sacred spaces and their function through time
Stevenson lecture theatre, British Museum WC1. Tickets £30 from Dept of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1N 3BG. Contact tel. 020 7323 8683, fax: 020 7323 8803, email:
Tues 16 Sept, 18.30 Peter Brand  - Popular religion in ancient Egypt: the evidence from Karnak and Luxor
Rm G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1. Friends of the Petrie Museum lecture. Non-members welcome. Contact voicemail 020 7679 2369, e-mail:
Thurs 18 Sept, 18.45 Abdel Wahed El-Wakil - Architecture and the Egyptian heritage
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.  Egyptian Embassy and Culture Bureau lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email
Sat 20 Sept, Day School  Bob Partridge & Victor Blunden - Peace and war in Ancient Egypt
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.  Egyptian Embassy and Culture Bureau.
Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email
Thurs 25 Sept, 18.30 Hisham Kitab - Travels and travellers to the Holy Land
BP lecture theatre, British Museum WC1. Tickets £7.50 from BMF Events, British Museum, London WC1B 3DG. Contact tel. 020 7323 8566,  email:
Thurs 25 Sept, 18.45 George Hart - Egypt and Syria in the Pharaonic period
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.  Egyptian Embassy and Culture Bureau lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email
Fri 26 Sept, 11.15 A Xavier - Egypt and the Levant
British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Gallery talk, meet Rm 57.
Fri 26 Sept, 18.30 Jean-Marcel Humbert - Egyptomania: fashion or art phenomenon
Rm G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1. Friends of the Petrie Museum lecture. Non-members welcome. Contact voicemail 020 7679 2369, e-mail:
Sat 27 Sept, 11.15 George Hart - Life and the hereafter in Middle Kingdom Egypt
British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Gallery talk, meet Rm 63.
Sat 27 Sept, 13.15 George Hart - The sun-god in ancient Egypt
British Museum, Gt Russell St WC1. Gallery talk, meet Rm 4.
Tues 30 Sept, 18.30 Jeremy Dixon Edward Jones (Architects)

Back to the future: housing the Petrie collection

Rm G6, Institute of Archaeology UCL, Gordon Square WC1. Friends of the Petrie Museum lecture. Non-members welcome. Contact voicemail 020 7679 2369, e-mail:
Thurs 2 Oct, 18.30 BM open evening - The mysteries of Egypt
British Museum evening opening. Gallery talks at 18.30 & 19.30.

Contact tel. 020 7323 8566,  email:
Thurs 2 Oct, 18.45 Fekri Hassan - Alexandria: light of the world
4 Chesterfield Gardens W1J 5BG.  Egyptian Embassy and Culture Bureau
lecture. Further details tel 020 7491 7720; fax 020 7408 1335, email
Fri 3 Oct, 18.30 David O'Connor - In Petrie's footsteps at Abydos Cruciform Lecture Theatre UCL, Gower St WC1. Annual Petrie Memorial Lecture followed by Reception in the Petrie Museum, Friends of the Petrie Museum event.

Tickets PMF £7, non PMF £10, contact PMF at the
Petrie Museum, voicemail 020 7679 2369, e-mail:


The Fith Annual Current Research in Egyptology Symposium for Graduate Students
16, 17, 18 January 2004
Department of Archaeology. University of Durham
CRE is an annual symposium which aims to provide a forum for the discussion of Egyptological research currently being conducted by students at the postgraduate level. Attendance is open to all.  This symposium aims to provide a forum for the discussion of international Egyptological research currently being conducted at postgraduate level. We invite papers from registered graduate students relating archaeology, art, language, religion, science, culture and society of ancient Egypt. We also welcome papers that discuss theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of ancient Egypt. 
Contact details and more information:

Conférences publiques présentées à la Bibliothèque Nationale dans le cadre de la Semaine Culturelle Égyptienne:

Choc des Civilisations, dialogue des Cultures

par Dr. Ahmed Kamal Aboul-Magd

Date, Horaire et Sujet: Samedi le 6 septembre de 18h30 à 20h00 en français

Egyptian Women and Development in Egypt

par Mme F. Hassan

Date, Horaire et Sujet: Dimanche le 7 septembre de 18h30 à 20h00 (en anglais)


Learning History through Digital

par Dr. Fathi Saleh

Date, Horaire et Sujet: Lundi le 8 septembre de 18h30 à 20h00 en anglais

Mathématiques au temps des Pharaons

par Dr. Fathi Saleh 

Date, Horaire et Sujet: Vendredi 5 septembre à 19h00.


Salle St-Sulpice
Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec
1700 rue St-Denis
Métro Berri-UQAM
entrée libre
Nicole Brisson, secrétaire
Société pour l'Étude de l'Égypte ancienne
Chapitre du Québec à Montréal
C.P. 49022, Succ. Versailles
Montréal, Qc
H1N 3T6
tel/fax: (514) 353-4674
Site Internet:


Les Mathématiques au temps des Pharaons
par le Dr. Fathi Saleh
Les bâtisseurs de pyramides avaient de bonnes connaissances dans plusieurs domaines scientifiques dont les mathématiques, la physique, la mécanique, la géométrie et l'astronomie. Il existe plusieurs papyrus qui traitent de sujets mathématiques ou astronomiques. Il est très curieux de constater que l'approche de la pensée mathématique des Pharaons est très proche de celle de la base de l'informatique.
La conférence sera donnée en français dans le cadre de la Semaine Culturelle Egyptienne

Date de la présentation :
Vendredi le 5 septembre 2003 à 19h00
Lieu :
Université du Québec à Montréal. Département de Mathématiques. Pavillon Président Kennedy. 201 rue du Président-Kennedy
Local:  SH 2420
Métro Place des Arts
Entrée libre

Pour plus d'informations:
Société pour l'Étude de l'Égypte Ancienne
C.P. 49022, Succ. Versailles
Montréal, Qc
H1N 3T6
tél. / fax : (514) 353-4674 ou 450-679-7447
courriel : 
site internet :


"Il Ramesseum: ultime scoperte"
"El Ramesseum: últimos descubrimientos"

Organiza: Centro Italiano Studi Egittologici
Ponente: Christian Leblanc
Fecha: 9 de Septiembre de 2003 a las 20:30 horas.
Lugar: Sala delle Stagioni, Via Emilia 25, Imola (Bolonia)
Más información:
Teléfono: 0542 22331

"La scoperta della citta perduta delle Piramidi di Giza"
"El Descubrimiento de la ciudad perdida de las Pirámides de Giza"

Organiza: Centro Italiano Studi Egittologici
Fecha: 12 de Septiembre de 2003 a las 20:30 horas.
Ponente: Mark Lehner
Lugar: Sala delle Stagioni, Via Emilia 25, Imola (Bolonia)
Más información:
Teléfono: 0542 22331


Calligraphy Center:  The Second International Forum of the Calligraphy, Writing and Inscriptions in the World Throughout the Ages
 24-26 April 2005

 Topics of the Forum:

The Forum aims at studying calligraphy in the world. Within this framework, it will cover the study of calligraphy according to a certain axis, which follows the historical and geographical classification in the following sequence:

 1- Calligraphy of the Ancient Near East civilizations.
 2- Calligraphy of the Far East civilizations.
 3- Calligraphy of the classical civilizations and its contemporary
 4- Calligraphy of the Arab-Islamic civilizations.
 5- Calligraphy in Africa.
 6- Calligraphy in Latin America.

 The study of calligraphy in each civilization or geographical area is based on the inclusion of studying their calligraphy within the ramework of the following sub-topics:

 1- Evolution and development
 2- Patterns of calligraphy
 3- Mutual effects
 4- Aesthetics of calligraphy
 5- Content of inscriptions
 6- Important issues
 7- Modern research fields
 8- The scientific term in calligraphy and writing
 9- Writing tools
 10-The relation between form and content
 11-Symbols of writing
 12-The modern techniques and research related to the formations of

 Graffiti was selected to be the main theme of the Forum main sessions.

 Idea of the Forum:

 The granite wall mural surrounding the Bibliotheca Alexandrina reflects the inscriptions and writings of the ancient world, hence reflecting the role of the Library in collecting the human knowledge through the ages in its attempt to become a center of human civilizations.  This Forum aims at studying the evolution of human knowledge of inscriptions since the pre-historic eras. This knowledge started as an imitation to animals and the surrounding environment, which soon developed into a certain written language relevant to each civilization. This language was not only man's means of identifying his life and his achievements, but also an archive of the history of man. Some calligraphy was distinguished by its marvelous artistic style. The organizers of the Forum aim at collecting integrated and various studies on the history of inscriptions and writings in the ancient world and throughout the middle and modern ages.

 Participation Conditions:

 1. Submitted researches must be written in either Arabic or English or French and should be typed double-space on one side of A4 size paper, along with a 3.5 floppy diskette or CD in Microsoft Word 6 or any compatible format on PC or Mac.
 2. Photos printed on glossy paper are preferable and must be originals. They could be presented on 3.5 floppy diskette or CD.
 3. Original maps, figures and illustrations should be drawn with China ink on tracing paper. Captions should be submitted on a separate sheet and can be submitted on a CD.
 4. References should be cited parenthetically as follows (Al-Jasser 1417: 11).

 5. Notes (comments) should be arranged at the end of the text. They should be followed by the bibliographical references arranged alphabetically at the end of the text as follows:

 (a) Books: Surname, first name, year of publication, address, publishing house, place of publication.  In cases where there is more than one author, names should be written in the normal alphabetical order.

 (b) Edited books: Surname, first name, year of publication, title of article, name of editor, name of book, number of article pages, place of publication. >

 (c) Periodicals: Surname, first name, year of publication, name of article, name of periodical, issue, pages.

 (d) Dissertations: Surname, first name, year of publication, title of dissertation, type of dissertation, department, university, city, country.

 6. A brief Curriculum Vitae (CV) with the salient information and the present address of the researcher should accompany submitted researches. 

7. Deadline for receiving abstracts is 01/03/2004.
8. The Arbitration Committee will check the submitted abstracts and will notify the researchers if they were accepted within a month of receiving the abstract so that the complete research is sent within three months of notification.
9. Deadline for sending researches is 01/10/2004 after finalizing the amendments as decided by the Arbitration Committee.
10. Abstracts should be sent by E-Mail to <>, or by postal mail to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, El-Shatby, Alexandria 21526, Egypt, or by fax to +(203) 4879252 - attention Dr. Khaled Azab.

 11. Forum participation fees:
-  L.E. 100 for Egyptians
 - Euros or US$ 100 for foreigners

 Executive Committee:
 Dr. Ismail Serageldin President
 Dr. Abdelhalim Nureldin Director of Calligraphy Center
 Dr. Khaled Mohamed Azab Secretary
 Ms. Samar Awad Administrative Secretary
 Ms. Azza Ezzat Forum Coordinator

Informe sobre el reciente Simposio de Poznán sobre la Prehistoria del
Noreste de África.

Este informe cubre áreas de conocimiento mucho más amplias que las que el título del Simposio implica pues se trataron en él también temas de la época histórica y otros, como por ejemplo, la momificación de animales en el antiguo Egipto.
The First International Conference on "The Management of Cultural Heritage Sites"
Will be held Alexandria, Egypt over the period 15 to 17 September 2003.Under the auspices of Mr. Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture and President of  the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA). Conference President: Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of SCA Principal Topics: Concepts; Concept Plans, Concept Designs; Actual State Analysis; Case Studies; Rehabilitation and Sustainability.
Egyptological Colloquium 2003
"The British Museum and the Ancient Egypt. Research and fieldwork: present and future".
Date: Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 July 2003
Place: The British Museum BP Lecture Theatre
Tickets: 30 pounds, by application.
*Nota: El día 15 a las 18:00 horas estará Zahi Hawass como ponente con el siguiente tema: "The Secret of the Great Pyramid" siendo el precio de la entrada para esta conferencia el de 10 Libras. Si alguien desea más información puede solicitarla en;


Annual International Egyptological Colloquium
Research and fieldwork: Present and future
To be followed by a reception in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery on 16 July.
Linked to public lecture The Secret of the Great Pyramid on 15 July.
British Museum
Tuesday 15 July and Wednesday 16 July
9.30 - 17.30
BP Lecture Theatre
Entrance Fee: £30
For tickets contact:
Alison Cameron
Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan
The British Museum
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG
Please enclose SAE
Telephone: 020 7323 8312

"Los Orígenes del Egipto Antiguo"

Fechas: 13 -14 de agosto.

Primera sesión: Los inicios del Antiguo Egipto.

 1) Prof. Juan José Castillos: LOS ORÍGENES DE EGIPTO.

Interpretaciones de los pioneros de la arqueología egipcia.
Relaciones entre la antropología, la sociología y la egiptología.
Desarrollo social y cultural en el Bajo y en el Alto Egipto.
Características de las culturas del Bajo Egipto.

Desarrollo acelerado de la diferenciación social en el Alto Egipto.

La unificación cultural y política de Egipto.


El surgimiento del Estado: un problema teórico. Teorías centradas en el ámbito de la producción, de los intercambios, de la ideología, de la guerra. El parentesco como base de las organizaciones sociales pre-estatales y como límite a la diferenciación social. La aparición de "proto-Estados" en el Alto Egipto y su posterior expansión territorial.

Segunda sesión: Los debates actuales.

 1) Prof. Juan José Castillos: Informe sobre el Simposio sobre "Prehistoria del Noreste de África", (Poznan, Julio de 2003).

 2) Dr. Marcelo Campagno: Informe sobre la Conferencia Internacional "Origen del Estado. Egipto Predinástico y Dinástico Temprano", (Cracovia, Agosto de 2002).

Escuela de Estudios Orientales.
Av. Callao 853, 3° , Buenos Aires.
Tel. (11) 4812-9853.



 - Programa de Conferencias, Año 2003

- Lugar: Sala delle Stagioni. Via Emilia 25. Imola (Bologna)

- Colabora: Universitá Aperta di Imola.
- Conferencias y Ponentes:

 12 Abril hora 16,30: Nicholas Reeves
"Scavando nella Valle dei Re: il lavoro dell' Amarna Royal Tomb Project"

 23 Mayo hora 20,30: Michel Baud
"Djoser, Imhotep e l'invenzione della pietra muraria"

 9 Septiembre hora 20,30: Christian Leblanc
"Il Ramesseum: ultime scoperte"

 12 Septiembre hora 20,30: Mark Lehner
"La scoperta della città perduta delle Piramidi di Giza"


International Symposia. Poznan 2003.
1. Archaeology of the Earliest Northeastern Africa (14th - 18th of
July, 2003)
2. IV Dakhleh Oasis Symposium (19th - 21st of July, 2003)
both to be held at the Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poland
3rd Circular

Organiza: Poznan Archaeological Museum ul. Wodna 27. 61-781 Poznan
Más información

tel. +(48)(61)852 64 30
fax: +(48)(61)852 10 10


New discoveries in East Karnak 

Fecha: 2 de Junio de 2003

Hora: 7:00 pm
Lugar: British Council, Lecture Theater. 192 El Nil St, Agouza. Egipto.
Entrada: Gratuita
Más información:



I Ciclo de Conferencias sobre el Antiguo Egipto de Asociación Andaluza de Egiptología


Lugar: Sala de Conferencias del Museo Arqueológico de Sevilla (Pabellón de Bellas Artes. Plaza de América - 41013 SEVILLA).

Entrada: Gratuita.


- Día 20/03/03 (18:00 y 19:30 horas)

Dr. D. José Miguel Serrano Delgado.

"El reinado de Hatshepsut: Entorno y Personajes de la Corte".

Dr. D. Ángel Sánchez Rodríguez.
”La Medición del Tiempo en el Antiguo Egipto”.


- Día 21/03/03 (18:00 y 19:30 horas)

Dr. D. Salvador Costa Llerda.
"El Rey como Garante de Maat: La Fiesta Sed y el Templo de Millones de Años".

D. Fernando Estrada Laza.
"El Mundo de los Egipcios. Un Universo de Magia (heka)".


"Latest Discoveries at the New Kingdom Necropolis at Dahshur" 

(Últimos descubrimientos en la Necrópolis del Imperio Nuevo en Dashur)
Prof. S. Yoshimura, (Director del Institute. of Egyptology de la Universidad de Waseda) y So Hasegawa (Director de Campo del Instituto Proyecto Dashur Norte)

Organiza: EES (Egypt Exploration Society) Cairo
Lugar: British International School in Cairo, 5 El-Yamani St. Zamalik,
          next to All Saints Cathedral behind the Marriott Hotel
Entrada: Libre

Fecha: 17 de marzo de 2003; 19:00 pm

Primer Congreso Internacional de Jóvenes Egiptólogos.
"El agua en el antiguo Egipto: Vida, Regeneración, Encantamientos y Prescripciones médicas".
Fecha: 14 de octubre de 2003 (únicamente para registro) al 18 octubre 2003
Lugar: Chianciano Terme (Siena)
Más información:


"Fourth Annual Current Research in Egyptology"
A symposium in January 18-19, 2003 at the Institute of Archeology, University College London.
Más información:

VIII Convención Nacional de Egiptología y Papirología

Organizado por el “Instituto Italiano para la Civilización Egipcia” (I.I.C.E. - Istituto Italiano Per La Civiltá Egizia)

Fecha: 11 al 13 de abril de 2003

Lugar: Turín (Italia)

Más información:


Convención “Egipto en Roma”

Organizado por "Città - Architettura, Urbanistica ed Immagine Virtuale" de la Universidad de Caen.

Fecha: 28 al 30 noviembre de 2002

Lugar: Caen (Francia)

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Muestra sobre Napoleón en Egipto.

“Dalle Alpi alle Piramidi... da Castellamonte alla Valle dei Re”

Lugar: Castellamonte (Turín), Palazzo Botton

Fecha: 8 de diciembre a 6 de enero de 2003


"The Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt"

Smithsonian Resident Associates (Washington DC) y La National Gallery of Art presentan una serie de Lecturas a modo de curso en las que seis egiptólogos internacionalmente reconocidos descubren los misterios de la vida y la muerte de los Antiguos Egipcios y cómo la percepción del Más Allá influía directamente en todos los aspectos de la vida egipcia, su religión y mitología, arte y arquitectura, los rituales de la vida diaria y sistema de escritura.

Fecha: del 30 de junio al 14 de octubre de 2.002


6th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20565
tel.: +1 202 737-4215


X Congreso Internacional de Estudios Nubios

Organizado por la “Sociedad Internacional de Estudios Nubios” (International Society for Nubian Studies)

Fecha: 9 al 14 de septiembre de 2002

Lugar: Roma (Italia)

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