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Tercera semana de la Misión en Hierakonpolis para la estabilización y reparación del recinto ceremonial del rey Jasejemuy

Nuevo número (BIA 29) del Boletín de Información Arqueológica del College de France
Mersa Gawasis (Red Sea - Egypt): UNO/IsIAO and BU 2003-2004 Field Season

The University of Naples "L'Orientale" (UNO), Naples (Italy), and the Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient (IsIAO), Rome (Italy), in collaboration with Boston University (BU), Boston (USA), conducted the third field season of archaeological investigations at the site of Mersa Gawasison the Red Sea coast in December 2003 - January 2004, under the direction of Rodolfo Fattovich (UNO/IsIAO) and Kathryn Bard (BU) (Fig. 1).

Review of field work done by the Italian Archaeological Expedition of Rome University "La Sapienza" in Sudan (Jebel Barkal)

Review of field work done by the Italian Archaeological Expedition of Rome University "La Sapienza" in Sudan: its activities were moved to Jebel Barkal - Karima after the participation in saving the Nubian Monuments (Tamit 1964, Sonqi 1967-70).

La ripresa degli scavi dell'Istituto Papirologico «G. Vitelli» ad Antinoe

L'ultima campagna di scavo ad Antinoe, condotta dall'Istituto Papirologico «G. Vitelli» di Firenze, aveva avuto luogo per pochi giorni nell'ottobre del 2000 in un limitato settore della Necropoli Nord. Nel gennaio 2003 il cantiere di scavo è stato spostatonella città, nel settore Est, vicino al cosiddetto Tempio di Iside "scoperto" da Albert Gayet, ed alla chiesa paleocristiana scavata dalla Missione dell'Università di Roma nei mesi di settembre ed ottobre del 1966 [cfr. G. Uggeri, La chiesa paleocristiana presso la porta orientale, in «Antinoe (1965-1968). Missione archeologica in Egitto dell'Università di Roma», Roma 1974, pp. 37-67].
Scavi dell'Università di Cassino nel sito di Sanam Abu Dom (Sudan)

Nel 2001 la missione archeologica dell'Università di Cassino ha iniziato i lavori di scavo nel sito di Sanam Abu Dom, sulla riva est del Nilo, presso la moderna cittadina di Marawe, proprio di fronte al Jebel Barkal. Il sitoera già noto per i resti di un tempio dedicato da Taharqa al dio Ammone, scavato nei primi anni del 1900 dalla spedizione di Oxford, guidata da F. Ll. Griffith.
Las excavaciones en Egipto de la Johns Hopkins University disponibles de nuevo on-line
Egyptian Excavation Returns to the Web

Newswise - The world is invited to watch Johns Hopkins University archaeologists uncover clues to ancient Egyptian life by visiting "Hopkins in Egypt Today," a Web site chronicling the university's 12th annual dig, at Daily progress reports for at least four different ongoing Johns Hopkins projects in Egypt are anticipated Jan. 15 through mid-February.For the fifth year in a row, the Web site will follow the work of Betsy Bryan, Alexander Badawy Professor of Egyptian Art and Archaeology and chair of the Near Eastern Studies Department at Johns Hopkins, and her graduate students. The site documents their excavation and research projects with photographs featuring Bryan's detailed captions. The Johns Hopkins team's work is supervised by Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, led by its secretary general, Zahi Hawass. The goal of "Hopkins in Egypt Today" is to educate its visitors by showing them  the elements of archaeological work in progress. The site typically garners more than 50,000 hits every winter when the dig is active. This year, "Hopkins in Egypt Today" will track three graduate students as they continue their excavation of the Precinct of the Goddess Mut in Luxor and conduct research at other locations in Egypt: * First to be seen will be Jacquelyn Williamson, a graduate student in the Near Eastern Studies Department who is using her grant from the Fulbright Student Program to examine an unstudied artistic motif in ancient Egyptian  art in museums and on important archaeological sites. Fulbright awards are rarely granted to Egyptologists. She will be doing research at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the Web site will cover some of her study there. * Next, the Web site will cover work at the Mut enclosure behind the Sacred Lake, where Elaine Sullivan, a graduate student in Egyptian art and archaeology, will be excavating to study residential aspects of Thebes in the New Kingdom. That work will be shown from mid-January to mid-February. A team from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, under the direction of Richard Fazzini, will be working in the front courts of the precinct at the same time as Johns Hopkins researchers are present. * Also in Luxor during this period will be Yasmin El Shazly, a graduate student in Egyptian art and archaeology who is studying some tombs at Deir el Medina as part of her investigation into the supernatural powers the Egyptians believed their deceased friends and family possessed. Bryan is on leave this year writing a book on painting as an occupation in the mid-18th Dynasty (ca. 1480-1400 B.C.). The Web site will follow her as she visits various painted tombs of the time period researching the techniques and work carried out by these skilled artists of ancient Egypt. "The variety of work carried out by Hopkins students and faculty in Egypt this year (2004-05) is typical, but we are pleased this year to be able to show a bit of it to you," Bryan said. "Next year, we'll be returning to our large-scale work at the Mut Temple." Photographs and data from the 2001 through 2004 excavations are still available online.

Fuente: NewsWise

British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES)
Issue 4, December 2004. Contents in PDF:
Abstracts of all articles in this issue:
The Egyptian Inscriptions at Jebel Dosha, Sudan 
W.V. Davies PDF 
The Subsidiary Temple of Nekhtnebef at Tell el-Balamun 
Jeffrey Spencer PDF 
Electronic publishing: the example of BMSAES 
Nigel Strudwick PDF 


"Egyptian Letters of the New Kingdom as  Evidence for Religious Practice"

Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions (JANER) vol 1.1 (Dec 2001), pp. 1 -31


The Chicago Hittite Dictionary P volume

The Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project announces the Electronic CHICAGO HITTITE DICTIONARY (e-CHD), and its first electronic publication

The Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project Home Page:
Volumes of the Chicago Hittite Dictionary available for sale in printed form


Transcripción de todos los diarios de Howard Carter sobre la excavación de
la Tumba de Tutanjamon
, desde la 1ª a la 9ª temporada de excavación:

Molecular Evidence of Bacteremia by Gastrointestinal Pathogenic Bacteria in an Infant Mummy From Ancient Egypt
Albert Zink, PhD, Udo Reischl, PhD, Hans Wolf, MD, PhD, and Andreas G. Nerlich, PhD, MD


Head and Skull Base Features of Nine Egyptian Mummies: Evaluation with High-Resolution CT and Reformation Techniques 
Heidi Hoffman and Patricia A. Hudgins 


Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project 
University of Memphis


Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae (TLA): Textos demóticos del antiguo Egipto con traducción al alemán.


Trabajos de la Misión del British Museum en Kom Firin. Marzo 2004.


Nuevo número (BIA 28) del Boletín de Información Arqueológica del College de France:

The Demotic Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2004. Pp. 1-161. 
The publication of CDD N brings the number of files available on-line to seventeen, including a prologue, a problematic entries file, and fifteen letter files (3 [aleph], ' [ayin], Y, B, F, N, R, L, H, H4, Q, K, G, Tj, and Dj).


The database of all 5398 objects found in the tomb of Tutankhamun is now complete - Base de datos sobre Tutankhamon completa

It can be consulted at the web pages of the Griffith Institute (click in the title above). Those involved in the preparation of the database are Jonathan Moffett (web page and database design), Sue Hutchison and Lindsay Allen (transcript), Diana Magee, Elizabeth Miles and AlisonHobby (editing), Kent Rawlinson (scanning) and Jaromir Malek (concept and direction).

Dakhleh Oasis Project
Report of the 2000 season" - 22 pp.
Report on the 2000-2001 season" - 35 pp.
Report on the 2001-2002 season" - 60 pp.
Report on the 2002-2003 season" - 32 pp.
Dakleh Oasis Project Bibliography - 31 pp.

Autruches et flamants - les oiseaux représentés sur la céramique prédynastique de la catégorie Decorated

Stan Hendrickx

CCdE, vol. 1, pp. 21-52 (2000)
Notes pour une lecture des inscriptions des Colosses de Min de Coptos

Alain Anselin
CCdE, vol. 2, pp. 115-136 (2001)

Mission française des Fouilles d'Abou Rawach
Con fotografías panorámicas
Michel Baud, La nécropole royale d'Abou Rawach, règne de Rêdjedef, IVe dynastie, vers 2550 avant J.-C., 2004. - 22 pp
Report on the survey of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, carried in the area of El-Hayez, Baharia oasis (1st season, 28. 2. - 25. 3. 2003)

Miroslav Bárta, Vladimír Bruna, Jirí Svoboda, Miroslav Verner, 

El-Heyz Survey, Baharia Oasis - 15 pp
Report on the survey and trial excavations of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, carried in the area of El-Hayez, Baharia oasis ( 2nd season, 6.3. - 31. 3. 2004 )

Miroslav Bárta, Vladimír Bruna, Viktor Cerný, Jirí Musil, Jirí Svoboda,
Miroslav Verner, Archaeological Survey of el-Hayez(Baharia Oasis) - 16 pp.,
Theban Tomb 233 - Saroy regains an identity
Boyo G. Ockinga
Macquarie University
The archaeological analysis of inscribed Egyptian funerary cones
Varia Aegyptiaca 4(2), 1989, 165-170
by Donald P. Ryan
Mathieu Bernard, Travaux de l'Institut français d' archéologie orientale en 1999-2000
BIFAO, vol. 100, pp. 445-538, 2000 - 76 pp
Mathieu Bernard, Travaux de l'Institut français d' archéologie orientale en 2000-2001
BIFAO, vol. 101, pp. 449-610, 2001 - 164 pp

Mathieu Bernard, Travaux de l'Institut français d' archéologie orientale en 2001-2002
BIFAO, vol. 102, pp. 437-564, 2002 - 128 pp
Mathieu Bernard, Travaux de l'Institut français d' archéologie orientale en 2002-2003
BIFAO, vol. 103, pp. 487-615, 2003 - 129 pp


First volume of the new Egyptian Museum Bulletin.
It is distributed by AUC and SCA Cairo.
Hawass, Zahi
Eldamaty, Mamdouh
Eldamaty, Mamdouh and Samy, Heba
Abdel Meguid, Ossama A. W.
Arnold, Dorothea
Davies, Vivian
Anna-Maria, Donadoni Roveri
Eggebrecht, Arne
El-Saddik, Wafaa


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