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- La industria turística de Egipto se actualiza -

Egypt travel industrie updates

Moving Forward
Last month President Hosni Mubarak restructured the Supreme Council for Tourism, announcing that the committee is to be lead by the prime minister and will consist of six ministers (including the minister of tourism, minister of civil aviation and minister of culture), the chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Federation and four prominent industry figures – appointing Ahmed El-Nahas, Hussein Salem, El-Mohammady Howeidak and Hisham Talaat Mostafa. After inaugurating the new terminal at Luxor International Airport, the president headed, for the first time, the council meeting where discussions centered on the progression of the tourism industry. On behalf of the Egyptian Tourism Federation, Elhamy El-Zayat submitted three important industry requests:
- Application of the open skies policy, gradually over the next two years, to accommodate for the objectives set by the prime minister and minister of tourism: To increase arrivals to 14 million tourists by 2010.
- No taxes or levies to be imposed by local government or any government body without referring to the Supreme Council for Tourism.
- To allocate 1% collected from the net revenues of hotels, travel agencies and other tourism related businesses for training purposes. The proceeds will be paid to the ministry of labor which in turn will be reserved for the Egyptian Tourism Federation in order to support the new vocational training center. The aim of this regulation is to create new jobs and enhance the quality of service in the industry by training those currently working in the field and fresh graduates.
The president asked all departments concerned to look at ways of implementing these requests as soon as possible.
It’s a Record
According to the Egyptian Tourist Authority, July witnessed an increase of 6% in tourist arrivals and a 10% rise of tourist nights in comparison to July 2004. Although an immediate drop in arrivals to Sharm El Sheikh had occurred after the attacks, there was no negative effect to other areas throughout the country. Regarding statistics for arrivals to Sharm El Sheikh in August, there is a recovery in tourist flow.
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- El desarrollo de la Reserva de Kom el Hettan como objetivo turístico -

Wadi Hittan Nature Reserve developed, placed on tourist map 
The government is to launch within the next few days the development project of the Wadi Hittan (Whales Valley) nature reserve in Rayan Valley in Fayoum governorate. 
The project aims at placing this area on the environmental tourist map after it has been registered as the first Egyptian site on UNESCO list of world natural heritage. 
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif received a report from Maged George State Minister for Environmental Affairs on this area, asserting that this are houses several geological components, water springs and rare fossils as well as a great number of whales' skeletons dating back to 40 million years. 
Nazif has decided to form a committee of the ministries of higher education, environmental and foreign affairs, Fayoum governorate in addition to a number of Egyptian universities experts to take part in drawing up a comprehensive plan for boosting investment in the natural and archaeological sites in Fayoum governorate. 



Nuevas precauciones tomadas por el Gobierno Egipcio para la seguridad de turistas en Sharm el Sheikh

New Safety Precausions at Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh has, and will continue to be called the city of Peace. The reason for this is because of the many meetings held here between international leaders which have resulted in peace accords. Of course, it has also been known as a safe haven, where European and other vacationers could frolic in the sun without worry, at least until the recent bombing event in the city. 
Already, those who love Sharm el-Sheikh, and many do, have written us to say that they will not let terrorists control their travel plans to this great resort. And while some tourists have cancelled their Sharm vacations, many others have not, and the city is now returning to normal, with beach goers returning to its beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and hot night spots. 
Sharm has always been a very secured area, demonstrated by the fact that two out of three of the attacks were never able to reach their intended destinations. Indeed, were it not for Sharm’s considerable security, many more foreigners would have probably died. Instead, two of the terrorists were stopped at check-points where they detonated their explosives, killing mostly ordinary working-class Egyptians. 
Of course, any loss of life in the City of Peace is unacceptable, both to vacationers and to the government of Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh is a showcase of the Egyptian tourism industry, and the government intends to earn the trust given it by those who continue to make it their beach vacation venue of choice. Therefore, in addition to the already tight security, Sharm el-Sheikh is going high tech. In addition to the already extensive  security measures, in order to prevent future problems additional safeguards, many of which have already been implemented, include (we wish to thank South Sinai Travel for supplying this information):
- New surveillance procedures include monitoring cameras fixed at all the entrances and exits of Sharm El Sheikh as well as in all streets and gathering places. The cameras are connected with a main operation units where they are monitored real-time by trained security staff to insure comprehensive safety measures.

- Security has been Intensified on all streets, beaches and the ways leading to the city with additional security personnel. 

- Electronic gates will be fixed at all entrance and exit points using gamma rays technology. Gamma ray technology is used to screen larger objects, such as cars and trucks (it is also used for examining ocean containers, for example) that are densely loaded and the technology is capable of detecting suspected contraband, weapons and other potentially dangerous goods. It gives its operators an image similar in many ways to an X-ray, but is safer than X-rays. This sophisticated (and rather expensive) equipment is also capable of outputting spectrum graphs that can detect various elements, including radioactive materials.  

- New fixed and movable check points will be spread throughout the Sharm region, with specific equipment for examining all cars coming through the outlets for explosive devices and other weapons. Areas to be secured in this manner not only include the direct approaches to Sharm el-Sheikh, but also remote regions, including mountain areas near Sharm. 
- An agreement was made with the hotels owners to put barricades in front of their hotels gates. Many of them have already done so. Clearly, in a world where terrorists events may happen anywhere, and where beach resorts throughout the world usually have very little in the way of security measure, Sharm el-Sheikh will be one of the safest of all vacation spots.
- In addition, there are a number of tourist incentives being given to bring vacationers back to Sharm. These include the subsidization of charter airline carriers who transport tourists to Sharm el-Sheikh and a 50% discount on bus fair to and from Sharm el-Sheikh from within Egypt. There are also a number of local promotions from travel operators, hotels and other tourism vendors. 
I would also like to remind our readers that, as of next week, we will have one of our staff writers stationed in Sharm el-Sheikh (and again, we would like to thank South Sinai Travel, who are supplying accommodations and some needed equipment, for helping with these arrangements). He will be reporting live from Sharm with stories and video, and will be digging out some of the specials, as well as reviewing daytime tourists activities, nightly entertainment hotspots and also talking to tourists about their vacation experiences in Sharm.

Fuente: Touregypt.net



El Ministro de Transportes de Egipto anima a visitar Sharm el Sheikh

Egypt Transport Minister Encourages Egyptians to Visit Sharm el Sheikh
The prices of travel bus tickets to and from Sharm el-Sheikh have been reduced by 50 per cent as of Thursday, Minister of Transport Essam Sharaf announced. 
Board Chairman of the Arab Union Company for Land Transport Talaat Khatab said the decision comes as part of measures taken by the Ministry of Transport to encourage internal tourism and alleviate the impact of the recent blasts on tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh.
He said that Sharm el-Sheikh city would remain one of the most important tourist sites in the world as it had been the city and symbol of peace inside and outside Egypt. 
It was also decided that daily trips heading for and coming from Sharm el-Sheikh would be increased, he added. 
Fuente: Touregypt.net



Egipto.- Cientos de manifestantes protestan contra el terrorismo en el norte del Sinaí
EL ARISH (EGIPTO). Cientos de manifestantes salieron hoy a las calles en la ciudad egipcia de El Arish (norte de la península del Sinaí) para protestar contra el terrorismo, ocho días después de los atentados contra la ciudad turística de Sharm el Sheij, con un balance oficial de 64 muertos. "No, no al terrorismo", se leía en una de las pancartas enarboladas por los manifestantes, entre los cuales había religiosos, responsables locales y parlamentarios. "Sí a la seguridad y la estabilidad", decía otra. Entre los manifestantes había también beduinos, iniciamente sospechosos del atentado pero que han resultado muy útiles a las fuerzas de seguridad por su conocimiento del terreno, sus escondites y caminos, para la busqueda de sospechosos. La multitud se concentró frente a la sede del gubernamental Partido Nacional Democrático. Se cree que la concentración fue organizada por las fuerzas gubernamentales.

Fuente: Europa Press 


4.000 turistas llegan al aeropuerto internacional de Sharm el-Sheikh durante las pasadas 24 horas.

4000 Tourists Arrive at Sharm El-Sheik International Airport in the Past 24 Hours 
The MENA news agency reported that 4000 tourists arrived at Sharm El-Sheik International on 52 passenger flights from various parts of the world over the past 24hrs.  MENA reported a statement by the Sharm El-Sheik International Airport Director Captain Yusri Gamal El-Din, that the airport had handled 104 incoming and outgoing flights in the aforementioned period, including 3 incoming flights from Italy carrying 250 tourists. Captain Yusri added that the number of Russian tourists arriving in Sharm El-Sheik had not been affected and that tour groups from Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Holland, the UK and France had also arrived.

Fuente: Egypt on Line. State Information Service.



El Comité organizador Egipcio para la Copa Africana de Football 2006 ya tiene los precios para el evento del próximo año.

Egyptian organizing committee for the 2006 African Cup has released ticket prices for next year's showpiece event, local press reported Thursday. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the 2006 African Cup of Nations fina ls in Egypt said fans can buy individual tickets for matches or collective tickets which will allow them to attend all the games at a specific stadium. A first-class ticket for nine matches, including the opening game and final, at the Cairo Stadium will cost 156 US dollars, a second-class ticket 35 US dollars and third-class ticket 16 US dollars. At Cairo's Military Academy stadium, which will stage eight matches, and Alexandria's Harras Al-Hedoud stadium, a venue for seven games, the collective tickets will be 9 US dollars, one dollar more than the price of watching six games at the Port Said stadium. The cheapest individual tickets for  matches, providing the gamedoes not involve Egypt, will cost 1.75 US dollars. And any fan wishing to watch the hosts must pay a minimum of 2.50 US dollars. Football fans in Egypt will be able to secure tickets on a first-served basis by asking for tickets at any of the post offices located around the country from August 15, and fans outside Egypt will be able to purchase tickets through the internet. "Online tickets will go on sale following the Nations Cup draw on 20 October," said LOC director Khaled Abdel-Aziz, "Africans need to know which group they'll be playing in before buying theirtickets." Fans can buy match tickets on the day of a game but must request collective tickets before December 15.

Fuente: ChinaView



Hoy comienzan las Ferias de Turismo y Compras en Egipto
Tourism and Shopping Festival opens today 

The eighth session of the Tourism and Shopping Festival begins today and will continue until 20 August. The Ministers of Tourism Civil Aviation, Supply & Home Trade, and the governors of Cairo and Giza will attend a press conference announcing the opening of the festival. Participating are a large number of private sector companies, Egyptian and Arab, from tourism and other sectors. EgyptAir, on this occasion, is offering a discount on air fares worth 20 percent for Arab customers, with a 50 percent discount on the weight of baggage.  In related developments, the Sales Tax Authority made early preparation for the festival, easing regulations for tax repayment for tourists leaving Egypt. The tax offices of the Cairo, Giza, Hurghada, Alexandria, Ismailia, Marsa Matrouh, Luxor, Al- Gharbiyah, Port Said, Assiut, Fayoum, Bani Sweif, Menia and Suez governorates are participating in the festival and will allow tax repayment for goods with  a minimum cost of L.E500. Only goods that are completely or partially consumed within Egypt are not covered by this measure, with the added proviso that tourists have to present their passports and tax receipts for the items in question alongside Tax Form  Four. These documents have to be provided to the particular provincial customs outlet in question, with the tourist refunded from the accounts of the Sales Tax Authority. The deadline is three months from the time of purchase of the items in question. 

Fuente: Egypt on Line. State Information Service.



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